You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

It really doesn’t feel like it was just a little over a year ago that having my own business was just a pipe dream. That my family and  friends encouraged me to go for it and offered to hold my hand as I jumped off of the cliff. Thank heavens, due to their love and support, I did not crash onto the rocks below.

Labor Day 2012, an army of knitters armed with paint brushes, hammers, chisels and allen wrenches invaded Main Street. My neighbors and fellow retailers were blown away by the support and way my friends rallied around me.


In record time I was ready to open my doors for a test drive. Now I look back on those pictures and wonder at how empty the store was. Some beautiful yarn and a few samples, but the space was filled with laughter and warmth by my old friends and my new friends who found their way to my door.


Now the space is a riot of color and sheepy goodness. I am so delighted to have been so warmly welcomed by the Philadelphia knitting and crocheting community. It thrills me to have been able to stay true to my sensibilities and create a place that fosters that community and creativity! Thank you all, for helping me through my first year. It has been terrifying and incredibly rewarding. I am humbled by the love and faith that has been showered on me; my life is rich indeed.


Tlaloc also thanks all of you! Life in the storage unit was grim. He is so very pleased to be here on Main Street, back in the eye of a worshipful public. He finds the attention and yarn very gratifying.


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