What to do?

It’s a necklace…it’s a cowl…it’s a super cool accessory and the answer to many a dilemma:

This sock yarn is too crazy to wear on my feet.










This sock yarn is too pretty to put on my feet.










This sock yarn is pooling.








I bought this sock yarn but hate knitting on US 0 or 1s.

I cannot knit anything difficult at the kids’ soccer practice, swim meet, t-ball game, the beach, or while watching a Swedish movie with sub-titles.

It’s spring and I don’t feel like knitting with a heavy wool.

The answer: Sev[en] Circle!














You can be as crazy or subdued as you like with the colors! Pooling, schmooling, doesn’t matter here! Knit it on a US 4 or 5! All stockinette, no dreaded purling, no cables, no charts! A little bit of sock yarn never overheated any one!

The bonus, the crazy looks people give you when they try to figure out what you are knitting! Oh, and the super chic accessory you have made for yourself.

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