The Crochet Rabbithole

I am primarily a knitter, but when summer approaches, crochet edges its way into my soul. Some years the urge is stronger than others.

Several years ago, my friends at Kelbourne Woolens introduced me to #summerofcrochet and it stuck with me. It’s completely apropos that this summer I kick off my crochet with the Fibre Company’s new yarn, Luma!

Luma is a gorgeous, all-seasons, blend of wool, cotton, silk and linen. First I knit with it and now even more in love, am crocheting with it.

Ravelry provided me with the perfect pattern, the aptly named Rabbithole Cardigan. I immediately and happily jumped in. The pattern is self-described as a recipe. It’s a like a granny square cardigan, so simple and really fun construction. And it is totally boho chic!


Unconsciously, I chose to match my logo. And my current hair color. Who is really surprised? There are many lovely color combos, or you can choose to stick with just one.

You should join me down this particular rabbithole. Would I lead you astray?


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