The Crochet Rabbithole

I am primarily a knitter, but when summer approaches, crochet edges its way into my soul. Some years the urge is stronger than others.

Several years ago, my friends at Kelbourne Woolens introduced me to #summerofcrochet and it stuck with me. It’s completely apropos that this summer I kick off my crochet with the Fibre Company’s new yarn, Luma!

Luma is a gorgeous, all-seasons, blend of wool, cotton, silk and linen. First I knit with it and now even more in love, am crocheting with it.

Ravelry provided me with the perfect pattern, the aptly named Rabbithole Cardigan. I immediately and happily jumped in. The pattern is self-described as a recipe. It’s a like a granny square cardigan, so simple and really fun construction. And it is totally boho chic!


Unconsciously, I chose to match my logo. And my current hair color. Who is really surprised? There are many lovely color combos, or you can choose to stick with just one.

You should join me down this particular rabbithole. Would I lead you astray?


You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

It really doesn’t feel like it was just a little over a year ago that having my own business was just a pipe dream. That my family and  friends encouraged me to go for it and offered to hold my hand as I jumped off of the cliff. Thank heavens, due to their love and support, I did not crash onto the rocks below.

Labor Day 2012, an army of knitters armed with paint brushes, hammers, chisels and allen wrenches invaded Main Street. My neighbors and fellow retailers were blown away by the support and way my friends rallied around me.


In record time I was ready to open my doors for a test drive. Now I look back on those pictures and wonder at how empty the store was. Some beautiful yarn and a few samples, but the space was filled with laughter and warmth by my old friends and my new friends who found their way to my door.


Now the space is a riot of color and sheepy goodness. I am so delighted to have been so warmly welcomed by the Philadelphia knitting and crocheting community. It thrills me to have been able to stay true to my sensibilities and create a place that fosters that community and creativity! Thank you all, for helping me through my first year. It has been terrifying and incredibly rewarding. I am humbled by the love and faith that has been showered on me; my life is rich indeed.


Tlaloc also thanks all of you! Life in the storage unit was grim. He is so very pleased to be here on Main Street, back in the eye of a worshipful public. He finds the attention and yarn very gratifying.


What to do?

It’s a necklace…it’s a cowl…it’s a super cool accessory and the answer to many a dilemma:

This sock yarn is too crazy to wear on my feet.










This sock yarn is too pretty to put on my feet.










This sock yarn is pooling.








I bought this sock yarn but hate knitting on US 0 or 1s.

I cannot knit anything difficult at the kids’ soccer practice, swim meet, t-ball game, the beach, or while watching a Swedish movie with sub-titles.

It’s spring and I don’t feel like knitting with a heavy wool.

The answer: Sev[en] Circle!














You can be as crazy or subdued as you like with the colors! Pooling, schmooling, doesn’t matter here! Knit it on a US 4 or 5! All stockinette, no dreaded purling, no cables, no charts! A little bit of sock yarn never overheated any one!

The bonus, the crazy looks people give you when they try to figure out what you are knitting! Oh, and the super chic accessory you have made for yourself.

Resolution Resurrection

New Year’s has never been my favorite holiday. There is too much expense. There is too much hype. There is too much pressure to have the best time ever. Too much pressure to make resolutions you won’t honestly keep.

I have had a strict no resolution policy for many, many years. However, I am breaking with tradition and making a resolution.

I resolve to be more present in my knitting. That means following the pattern. Not making assumptions that I know what comes next. Reading charts correctly. And most importantly not knitting on auto-pilot.

Right. Let’s see how that goes…

For the Love of Stripes

From my very first look at Tanis Gray’s Constitution Hall Scarf, I knew I wanted to knit it in and just what yarn I wanted to use. Once a season I go a little bright with my color choices. Mostly it tends to be in the red/orange family, this fall was destined to be hottest pink. Think fluorescent highlighter pink. Think stop ’em dead in their tracks pink. Okay and retina searing.

My Constitution Hall Scarf is knit in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Shocking and Dove. I think adding the gray to the mix brings the pink down a bit and keeps it fun rather than overwhelming.

This project is fantastic football watching knitting. Lots of garter to chug away on and then the fun addition of the lace panel on the one side. It’s just the right touch to add femininity to the sporty stripes.

Of course you don’t need to be quite as over-the-top with your color choices! We just received a shipment of Silk Blend and all the luscious colors are back in stock. What combination strikes your fancy?

Scandies Mitts

I love a good pair of fingerless mitts. Toasty hands with fingers free to knit and type are my ideal. I also love having longer mitts because so many of my shirts and sweaters have three quarter length sleeves. These adorable Scandies Mitts have it all plus a really easy to remember fair-isle pattern that is perfect for first time colorwork or those of us who have been away from it for a while.

I am knitting mine in Shepherd’s Wool DK from Stonehedge Fiber Mill. This yarn is wonderful. It feels velvety going through your hands and has great stitch definition.  There are lots of color combinations to choose from.

What combo speaks to you? The pattern for these adorable Scandies Mitts is in the Holiday Gift issue of Interweave Magazine. These would make great Christmas gifts for friends!

Knit Night at Hidden River!

Join us for our Inaugural Knit Night on Thursday, September 27, 6:00 – 8:00 pm! Bring a project or pick out something new in the store. I look forward to seeing all of you and forming new friendships.

And a special shout out to Adrienne, who won’t be able to join us for a while. She has something much more important on her schedule…a new baby!


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